Falkirk Foodbank

Falkirk Foodbank was started in 2013 as an initiative of a group of church leaders and their congregations in Falkirk - including Maddiston Evangelical Church. The Foodbank continues to meet the ever growing demand for food boxes by the people of Falkirk district.

There are 110 active volunteers and between 50-70 other volunteers who come in regularly every week to sort food and pack boxes ready for delivery to clients as well as answer phones, take client details and carry out general office duties. There are several from our own church who are faithful workers at the foodbank.

We distribute approximately 60/70 food boxes a week. Our food boxes now contain fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken cubes, a packet of Scotch broth mix and a recipe on how to make soup. We also now supply a Wellness box with toothpaste, shampoo, personal hygiene products, etc.

We are thankful to God for the continued support of local people and businesses who donate food and practical items.

If you want to find out more see http://falkirk.foodbank.org.uk



Maddiston Evangelical Church
14 California Road
Tel: 01324 720242

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